Office building of “NLB Razvojna banka” Banja Luka

Extension and reconstruction of office building of “NLB Razvojna banka” Banja Luka

Office building “Verano motors” Banja Luka

Carrying out final works on the office building of “Verano motors”.

City market, Banja Luka

Construction period: 2005/2017 Gross area: 16000 m2 Reconstruction of City market in Banja Luka was another successfully implemented project from office buildings portfolio. The structure is made of a monolithic part and the hall area, the lattice roof structure of which is supported by steel carriers, combined with aluminum panels and the glass that gave a completely new look to…

“M:tel” Banja Luka Business Center

“M:tel” Banja Luka Business Center Reconstruction of the façade and the internal area Construction period: 2014/2015

Technological Center “Lanaco” Banja Luka

Construction period: 2014/2016 Gross area: 10000 m2 Carrying out rough construction works at Lanaco company technology center in”Incel” business zone. A complex that is made of the main and technical facilities, with total area of 10 000 m2, built according to the principles of energy efficiency (reduction of energy losses and its more efficient use).