Residential – office building in Braće Jugovića St., Banja Luka

A free standing four-storey building, with its new amenities and modern look, has revitalized a quiet residential area in the wider city center. Construction period: 2013/2014 Gross area: 1990 m2

Residential – office building in Prvi Krajiški korpus and Petra Kočića Streets, Banja Luka

A complex with gross area of 3200 m2 which is comprised of a six-storey and a three-storey building, is situated in one of the most attractive city settlements. The buildings participate in forming two parallel street fronts and have an open interior space. Construction period: 2012/2014 Gross area: 3195 m2

Residential – office building in Carice Milice St., Banja Luka

A residential-office building with gross area of 5200 m2, with compact form and dynamic structure of a façade, has fulfilled all the requirements for comfortable and healthy living on the river Vrbas banks. Construction period: 2011/2012 Gross area: 5316 m2

Residential complex in Skender Kulenović St., Banja Luka

A housing complex with four residential units, has raised the level of community in Banja Luka to an enviable level. Construction period: 2009/2011 Gross area: 14000 m2

Residential – office building in Jovana Dučića St., Banja Luka

A five-storey building, which, with its modern design, construction quality and location advantages, situated at the heart of the city, offers all the conditions for full comfort of living. Construction period: 2009/2010 Gross area: 3200 m2