Construction of flue-gas desulphurisation system in RITE Ugljevik

Aragosta Invest is a contractor for construction works on desulphurisation project for Ugljevik Thermal Power Plant. RITE Ugljevik is a block-type thermal power station (BTTP) which is made of a boiler unit with 300 MWs of installed power Thermal power station produces electrical energy for the entire region (about 8% of the needs of BiH), as well as thermal energy for the town of Ugljevik.

The following works are carried out on construction of the new flue-gas desulphurisation system for the plant:

  • Construction of the limestone silo;
  • Construction of the gypsum silo;
  • Limestone receiving plant;
  • Limestone grinding plant;

The limestone silo consists of two octagonal silos with outer diameter of 13.5 m. Siloses lean on one another (sharing one part of the wall), with total length of 26.5 m. Silos are 50.4m high, the walls are made of concrete, 50cm thick. The silo base is a slab with dimensions 27.5×15.65 and 0.5m thick. A silo is standing on piles which are 1.2 m in diameter and up to 30 m long.

Silos gipsaGypsum silo is a structure made of reinforced concrete, with steel hall on top. The structure foundations are built on 55 piles, 120 cm in diameter, and 16-19 m deep. The outer dimensions of the foundation slab are 36×30 cm while the slab is 2m thick. The concrete part of the structure from the foundation is 35 m high.

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