A successful construction company builds the customers’ trust

A successful construction company builds the customers’ trust

Buying an apartment is one of the big decisions in a life of a modern man, becuase investing in real property determines the living area in which someone spends a big part of his time. A home is a place in which the most beautiful moments are born and which keeps the kindest memories, a comfortable oasis for rest after a long day and a place to which everyone, no matter where they go, is always happy to return.

„Aragosta Invest“ from Banja Luka is a company that, for more than two decades, has had an image of one of the leaders in the field of construction of housing-office buildings, and is a name that has become a synonym for quality in construction. A successful business story started back in 1900 by founding a small family company “Dom Invest”, which changed its name in 1997 to “Aragosta Invest”, a name under which it still operates today.

Aragosta combines expertise and experience in desgning and construction and thanks to the high quality materials used in construction, has gained the reputation of a reliable contractor in construction. Also, “Aragosta Invest” is particularly recognized in the real estate market as a contractor, investor and designer, given that it owns its own design bureau. Aragosta takes special pride of its team which is made up of more than 150 employees, among whom the top local experts – graduate construction and architecture engineers.

In parallel to construction of residential-office buildings they gained the customers’ trust, with satisfied buyers of dozens of thousands squares built in the past 20 years as the best recommendation and the guarantee of top quality. Company’s business policy is focused on compliance with all legal regulations, and special attention is paid to maximum satisfaction of customers and their full legal security.

In addition to housing construction, which is the primary activity of this company, „Aragosta Invest“ is a contractor specializing in construction of buildings of other purposes. An experience of many years has been applied in construction of hospitals, schools, theaters and administrative buildings both in Republika Srpska and BiH, as well as beyond the borders of the country, in a very demanding international market.

Besides its exceptional business results, „Aragosta Invest“, as a socially responsible company can also boast of being supportive and assiting the development of infrastructure of local community. Thus, at the end of the last year, in cooperation with three more companies, „Aragosta Invest“ built and donated to Banja Luka two new playgrounds in Borik settlement.

We can rightly say that „Aragosta Invest“ is today a recognizable brand that is trusted and that is positioned in the market as a leader in the construction sector. This is confirmed by many years of experience in construction, an imposing list of completed projects and earned customers’ trust.

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