Construction of the bridge on the Vrbanja River, Čelinac

Instead of the existing reinforced concrete bridge, which is significantly damaged and ruined by large waters and floods, a new reinforced concrete bridge is being built that will (in accordance with the project of regulation of the coast and riverbeds of the Vrbanja river), also provide the corresponding flow profile.  The bridge is located in the center of Celinac, at the crossroads of “Prvog krajiskog proleterskog bataljona” Street  and the regional road M4 Banja Luka – Kotor Varos.

Bridge construction is made of reinforced concrete MB40. The static system of the bridge span of 47.5 m is an arc on which a full deck slab is suspended with the prestressing cables. The deck slab is a monolithic AB plate MB40, cast on the spot with a 50 cm thick layer on the roadway, while on the pedestrian paths that thickness varies from 82 to 59 cm.  The height of the arc girders is 8m. The arcs are interconnected by reinforced concrete joists.  The width of the bridge is 16.5 meters. There is a 115cm high stainless steel fence on the bridge, in accordance with the existing fence on the promenade near the bridge.

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